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Trust us. You can trust us.

Chaser NoNstop News Network
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You wouldn't be reading this community bio if you didn't know what The Chaser or CNNNN were. But for the simple matter of an obligatory and informative introduction, here's an ever-so-brief history and what's-what of The Chaser:
♠ The Chaser are a team of Australian comedic satirists who mainly target and attack the follies and vices of Australian politics (since this is aimed at an Aussie audience) yet overall, anything and everything is a target.
♠ It started off as a newspaper, its initial editors being: Charles Firth, Dominic Knight, Craig Reucassel, Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello, Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen. These guys make up the basic core of The Chaser team.
♠ The Chaser then expanded by moving towards television, on the ABC channel, with shows such as CNNNN, The Election Chaser, The Chaser Decides, Chaser News Alerts and The Chaser's War on Everything. In 2005 they had a live stage show called Cirque du Chaser.

Meet the Chaser team:

Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
"When I was covering the Bangladesh floods back in '98, I met Mukesh, a fifteen-year-old boy who worked in a factory there. He was earning less than a dollar a day, had been since he was six; he'd never been to school, couldn't afford it, but he dearly wanted to learn. And that's what my job's about: Educating people who want to learn. Not Mukesh, obviously, he doesn't have a TV - but other people who want to learn. That's why I'm with CNNNN."

Craig Reucassel
Craig Reucassel
"Of course, for many years I did work in the field. I remember being in Somalia once and this poor, wounded kid crawled up to me - and he touched me. And I looked down, and there was a bit of blood on my suit. It was that moment that I realised: I'd prefer to work in the studio from now on. And that's why I'm with CNNNN."

Julian Morrow
Julian Morrow
"Yeah, a lot of people criticised us for not reporting civilian casualties. But hey, do you cover a Miss World beauty pageant by focussing on the girls who didn't win? Of course not. I think a lot of people forget that Iraq was essentially a good news story. I'm very proud of the role that we played in helping to liberating those civilians who didn't die. And that's why I'm with CNNNN."

Chas Licciardello
Chas Licciardello
"Look, every kid has a dream. Every time a relative asks you what you want to be when you grow up, you always say the same thing. That dream, that's what drives you. That's what gets you through life. Sure, my dream was actually to be a doctor, but obviously I didn't get the marks, so that's why I'm with CNNNN."

Dominic Knight
Dominic Knight
"Well, I was in Berlin the day the wall came down, it was November 9th 1989, I can still remember it like it was yesterday, I mean, I was standing there next to the Brandenburg Gates and I noticed the most unusual cloud formations, an Alto Cumulus Lenticularus to be exact. The dust from the wall coming down kinda ruined the view but still, weather like that you don't see everyday. Thats why I'm with CNNNN."

Andrew Hansen
Andrew Hansen
"For me, it's about the magic of the market, it's the NASDAQ and the Nikkei in a fiery dance of life. The crackle of fresh revenue, and the soft whistle and plop of the all ordinaries index. It's about the smell of hot leather in a stampeding bull market. You want to know a secret? I make love to my wife while we listen to the clanging of the wall street trading bells. That's why I'm with CNNNN."

Charles Firth
Charles Firth
"Yeah, I remember when - uh, we'd just seen this report about this little dog who could walk on his front feet. And, it was a very funny story, and everyone in the studio was just laughing - including Mike, the floor manager. And then I look up, and the next story was about 1200 people dead in Kosovo... And I just kept cracking up all the way through it. I'll never forget that dog. That's why I'm with CNNNN."

Other important contributors:
Heaps of people.

(Lack of) Rules:
♠ Arguments are totally allowed, but if you can't argue coherently your ass is banned, because that's just annoying.

Your mod is me, too_much_duckky. And you don't even have to respect me, like many other communities where you must respect the mod. Just love The Chaser. This Community was designed to be about EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE CHASER.

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And so with that...Have fun =)